Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Pouf

Floor pillows, poufs, and ottomans have all been everywhere. I've had my eye on quite a few, but didn't want to shell out $120 on one. I have a great little reading area in our master bedroom, but needed a foot rest. I found a great tutorial from Decorating the Dorchester Way on how to make the pouf.

My Grandma and I both had poly-fil. I had some leftover bean bag stuffing as well. I think I ended up buying two bags of poly-fil to complete the pouf. It took a ton of stuffing.

I decided that I had to have a liner so I could take the cover off easily and wash it. The liner was a pain the the butt and didn't end up working the way I had hoped.

It doesn't look like I did much sewing, but I really did. Grandma did the corners and I did all the straight seams. We also put a zipper in the cover.

 From the above picture, it looks good but looks can be deceiving. Somehow, the cover ended up bigger than the liner. It didn't set right once we got it stuffed.

So, I took it home and this is what happened.

 I separated the balls from the poly-fil. I stuffed the balls back in the liner and put it in. I put the poly-fil around the liner inside the cover. I can still wash the cover (which is why I wanted the liner), but I have to take out the poly-fil and then the bag of balls.

Overall, the project was $23. Huge Savings. I love the end result.

This was after I had vacuumed twice already. Those little bean bag balls are crazy!


  1. Not sure how I missed your comment from over a year ago on my Decorating the Dorchester Way blog, but your version turned out great!!! I love the fabric you used!! Thanks for sharing your link with me!! (Love your son playing with his bus in the mess!!! Mine would love that!!)