Wednesday, September 15, 2010

and finally... a not so yummy meal

I decided last week that I would bust out one of the cookbooks that I got Luke last year for Christmas. The cookbook has really nice stuff in it, but also has high priced ingredients. The really nice dishes and high priced ingredients go hand and hand with lots of time to cook (hence - Luke was volunteered to make it).

Honeycomb Cannelloni. The title is very deceiving. It doesn't sound hard to make at all.

We went to Hyvee and got all the ingredients (after searching forever for them). I wasn't too keen on the ingredient list since it called for anchovies.

Luke got to work chopping all the veggies. It took quite awhile because there were so many.

He got to stage two of the dish (after about an hour of chopping veggies) and realized that we didn't have enough noodles. Back to Hyvee.

He got home and then finished lining the pot with the noodles. The creme fraiche went on top of the noodles. He made his own creme fraiche recipe, because the one in the book required you do it 24 hours in advance.

The dish was not bad, but definitely not good enough to make again. Plus, I couldn't get over the yucky fish in it.

Better luck next time, babe!

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