Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Greyson's Birthday

Greyson had quite the birthday extravaganza. He threw me for a loop in November when he said that he didn't want to have a big birthday party at the Fire Station. Say what? I had been planning a super fun party there. So instead, we did something that he loved. He got to plan his party with his friends (more on that in a bit) and had little parties with his grandparents.

Mom's side came over a few days after Christmas for cake and ice cream. A bit later, we headed to dinner at Chuckie Cheese's. He got this swing from Mom and Bill and he loves it. 

Then, we headed to Great Grandma's for Dad's side of the family. We did dinner and cake. He loved it there as well. I can't remember what he got (it kinda all runs together with Christmas).

On Saturday, we had his "birthday party" with his friends. He had a "costume party" where Katelyn and Preston came over in costumes. Luke made a cardboard spaceship so they all played pretend. I picked up Papa Murphy's and the kids all had their own individual ones to make. It was simple and fun.

Greyson's actual birthday fell on Sunday, so we asked him where he would like to eat his favorite meal of the day (breakfast). He choose The Aviary. Smart boy!

They brought our dessert crepe out with a sweet was that?

He had a great birthday weekend and I learned that I don't need to feel guilty about throwing a huge birthday party, because he loved the little ones that he had. He just asked yesterday when he could have his friends over for another costume party. =)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Greyson loved Christmas this year. Everything from the ELF (yes, we jumped on board with that), to the snow, to Christmas lights (HIS FAVORITE), to setting out food for Santa, etc. He was so much fun. He got an abundance of gifts, mostly received with glee.

My favorite thing that he did this year was to open a present from Great Grandma Mayes. Upon opening, he said (super loud and child-like), "This was just what I always wanted". That made my heart proud. We work on manners and how to thank people all the time. I think he has grasped being thankful and appreciative, but more in an adult-like way. The way he responded to the gift at her house was appropriate and ADORABLE. Love him.

Our Christmas morning was pretty special. He woke us up at 7 (when his "alarm" goes off) and wanted us to go down with him to see if Santa had come. I was a bit worried that "Santa" would be disappointing to him. We didn't go crazy with presents (amount of money or amount of presents), but that didn't faze him at all. Thankfully.

Our Christmas 2013 (Just the three of Us)

  I would love this picture of us...IF I DIDNT HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN!