Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Indoor Fun

I've been trying to do something fun and creative with Greyson on the cold days when we don't go anywhere. He can get a bit crazy at home, so little activities go a long way.

I was pretty proud of myself on this one. He loves taking a bath and so I thought he would like giving his animals a bath. He loved it! I think this lasted about 45 minutes (which by toddler standards is amazing). One thing to note for the next time we do this is to not use Little People Animals. We had a bugger of a time getting all the water out of them.

I saw this activity on Pinterest. I thought he would love it since he loves fine motor things. It wasn't a hit, but it might have just been the day.

We just painted in these next ones. He got paint brushes for Christmas and he loves them. Definitely a good activity for the cold days.

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