Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Swim Class Update

(Video from the last class - two weeks' ago)

Swim class has been going terrific. Two weeks' ago, Greyson's teacher talked to us about him going in to the next class. He started his new class on Thursday. He had to be able to blow bubbles, have breath control and submerge (willingly) underneath the water. He was able to do all of those things, so they decided to move him. The new class is a bit different. The kids have to be able to listen to directions and wait for the teacher to take them individually in the water. There is no parent involvement.

He did extremely well. There were three kids (including Greyson) to one teacher. He waited his turn on his foam turtle and really excelled. He loves the water and loved the fact that he got to put on "duck feet" (fins).

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