Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 and 5 months - All about Greyson

I haven't done an updated post on what Greyson has been up to, so here it is. 

We had to go to the Dr. twice this month. He came down with Mono (hmm, who has he been kissing) and then had some type of throat virus. He still weights 29 lbs (same as the three year old check-up).

He just started MDO summer school. The teachers are glad to have him back (they really like him) and he is relieved to be with them as well. He was a bit apprehensive about changing rooms and teachers, so I'm glad we don't have to change until the fall.

We flew a kite at the park this month. It was a first and he loved it!

He told us that he was getting too big for his fire truck bed. We bought him a new pillow-top mattress and brought it home. He laid down and immediately said in his little kid excited voice, "It feels just like a marshmallow. I get to sleep on a marshmallow. I'm so excited!" It was so cute. 

Trying out sleeping on a marshmallow.

Mother's Day weekend at the Farmer's Market.

Car wash

Found him sleeping like this. =)

First popsicle.


First night to actually try the new mattress.

His "new" toys. He played with these cords and a few routers for a good hour (in 1 setting) and two other times. He loved putting the cords in and then pinching them out. Luke talked to him about how the two box things "talk" to each other and he has been enthralled with it. I'm outnumbered. 

Sick baby with a fever (although Luke is the one who looks sick in this picture). lol

Sick baby.

Greyson's favorite game (in his underwear). lol

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