Sunday, June 23, 2013

More "Car Washing"

I've been un-inspired when it comes to photography. I'm not sure what my deal is. After talking to Luke, I realized that I hadn't broke out my real camera at home for quite some time. Having the phone cameras are so easy, but they aren't creative and I was definitely missing the creative part of taking pictures. I see more "lifestyle" sessions and I really like them. I like the "day in the life" photos, but I also like a bit more posed as well. So, my issue is trying to find a balance. To do that, I'm breaking out my big-girl camera at home more. I think the more I try to shoot lifestyle (more real) at home, then the better I will be during paid sessions. So, we will see.

Greyson wanted to do another "car wash" so that's what we did. That boy loves anything with water and especially when you add in his "water fire hose" and a truck/car.

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