Friday, February 7, 2014

Greyson :: 4 Years Old

Over a month late, but here it is...all the stats on where he is physically.

3ft 4 inches tall (60 percentile)

32lb (15 percentile)

13.55 BMI (1 percentile)

There's nothing to be worried about with weight/height. He is still following his growth curve, which is important.

We had an eye screening at school with a Vision company. It was pretty cool, because they took pictures of your eyes to determine if you had any problems. Greyson's results were hyperopia (farsighted). They considered it "mild" and we needed to bring it up with our Dr. I mentioned it at our regular Dr. appointment and our Dr. reassured me that most young kids have this problem. We will keep an eye on it and see what happens.

The only other thing that was brought up in the Dr. appointment was Greyson's articulation. Apparently, the way we talk/pronounce words (articulation) is very important for pre-readers and readers. Most of you know that Greyson has a very hard time saying words with: f, s, and th. Leslie (my best friend, but professionally a speech therapist) had brought this up about a month before our Dr. appointment. I wanted to talk to the Dr. before I did anything about it. To make a long story shorter, I finally found out how to get screened for speech therapy. There is a free program called Parents as Teachers and they do a pre-screening, if you qualify for speech then they will pass you on to another free program (I'm blanking on the name of this).

Greyson had his screening with Parents as Teachers. It was pretty interesting and at about an hour...pretty long! They screened motor, concepts, and language.

It's graded on a percentile, so the below grades are compared to other kids.

Motor (throwing, jumping, block building, writing, cutting, etc) 41%
Concepts (colors, counting, concepts, sorting) 81%
Language (articulation, objects/actions, letters/sounds, verbal ability, etc) 82%

Overall 78%

I sound crazy saying that we have a potential speech problem, but he scores 82% in that category. Right? Apparently, his words (how many and how he uses them in a sentence) are extremely good. That is what bumped the articulation score up. But, he pretty much failed the articulation part of the language so we did get a referral.

I haven't connected with the next program yet, so I'm not sure about it.

At school, it seems like he does a great job. His teacher loves him and she says that he gets along with others and has a lot of friends. We wanted Carpenters Kids to be a social outlet for him, so I'm extremely happy to hear that.

Swim class is going great. He is now consistently swimming by himself for about 12 feet. I think by the summer, he will be able to jump off a diving board and swim to the ladder. Luke and I are both excited about that. =)

Playing "Peek-a-boo" with the mirror.

Family Movie Night

Doing artwork...notice the bat in the attic (I wonder where he got that?). =)

G is a curious as a cat. Seriously, he wants to know every detail about every little thing. Daddy is probably his favorite person. He loves to talk to Luke about all things transportation, electrical, etc. He always asks me..."Mommy, what do you know about." Geez, make me feel stupid. I told Luke yesterday, that I'm going to start telling him how to pick good fruit at the store. lol. 

He can ride his bike with training wheels now and really enjoys that. He loves to help shovel the snow and boy, have we had a lot this year. 

He can pretty much get dressed by himself minus the buttons. 

Luke and I both think that in temperament he is definitely most like me. 

I cherish the early mornings right now. Most mornings, he crawls in to bed with me for a few minutes for cuddling. It's so sweet.

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