Saturday, June 12, 2010


I never could have imagined what an ordeal it is to teach a baby to eat solids. Good Grief. We started out with cereal. Which for those of you who don't know it, the cereal babies get is pretty much thick milk. I'm not sure what he thought of the actual "cereal" but he thought the spoon in his mouth was interesting. So, he has been getting cereal pretty consistently for the last two weeks. Last week, we gave him banana. He seemed to do pretty well with that. Then Monday, we made tacos with guacamole at our house and Luke was so excited to give Greyson avocado. Haha. He hated it! It was super funny. The pictures that we have gotten through this process are hilarious. We tried avocado again last night and he did quite a bit better with it.

We have been making the baby food. I went to the library and got a book that shows what foods to introduce at what time and how to prepare the food. Luke originally wanted to buy organic foods to make into baby food and I told him I didn't want to spend the extra money to buy organic. Well, we are now buying organic. According to this book, if you make your own baby food but don't buy organic fruits and veggies then you should just buy canned baby food. Their reasoning is that all the fruits and veggies that go into baby food are more regulated because they are going into baby food. So, you are going to get less chemicals in the actual baby food than you would get if you just bought fruits and veggies fresh. Needless to say, Luke won this round. We are buying organic.

Hmm....what are you doing to me?

I don't like it!

Mommy, save me!

I'm done!


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  1. These are adorable!!! I've been blog-absent lately and am catching up tonight!