Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of the best days ever!

I had so much fun yesterday. It was go...go....go all day long, but it was a blast. It started out with Greyson sleeping through the night (again!). What an amazing thing it is to be fully rested. =) I woke up around 6ish which is early for a Saturday, but I'm not complaining. I got two blogs done which were long overdue. Then, I decided to go to garage sales. I hit about 10 across the highway from my house. Two out of the ten were amazing! I got some really great toys which all look brand new. I ended up spending $28 total but I got a ton of stuff.

Here's two pictures of some of the toys that I got.

The rocking horse is going to Dad and Leilani's. It takes up too much room to stay at our house.

After I got back to the house, Luke cooked us biscuits and gravy. Yummy! Greyson got up and I put his swimsuit on him. We decided to go to the park. Columbia has a few great parks that have free water features. When we got there, Greyson was mesmerized by the water. I think in every picture that we took he is looking down at the water. We had a blast. In reality, he is a bit too small to do this kinda stuff with, but we still had fun.

We went back to the house and got ready for the day. Off to Jefferson City. I met a lady off of Craigslist and bought some really cute winter clothes for Greyson. $1.25 a piece and they were all Old Navy, Gap and Gymboree. Some still had the tags on them! I conveniently set up the meeting at TJMaxx (which we do not have in Columbia). Of course, we had to peek in to do some shopping. Lets just say that some shopping turned into a full-blown shopping spree. I still had $150 from my birthday and I spend it all! I haven't had that much fun shopping since way before I was pregnant. I've needed a wallet for quite some time now and I found the best one ever. I paid $40 which is pretty steep, but I it. I also got some great high heeled black dress shoes (Leilani - you will love them), a few shirts and some workout weights. Super great shopping trip.

We finished the day off with a grocery trip to Hyvee to get Greyson "organic" vegetables. Squash is on the menu for today.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day! Greyson looks like he had a ton of fun at the water park. Wish I was closer so we could do some of that shopping together!!!

  2. wow. you're right, that was a busy day! the rocking horse is adorable! and the water park pics are so cute! can't wait to take him to the cabin!