Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo Shoots

I got to do three photo shoots last week. Brittany let me do two of her and then I photographed two little kids. I had a ton of fun. I'm not extremely happy with the outcome, but I feel like I got a few good shots at all three sessions. Luke created a blog for me just for photography. I have been wrestling over the idea of putting a pricing template up on the blog. I hate the fact of doing anything for free, but on the other hand I need the practice. There are pros and cons for doing more shoots for free and charging, but I think I'm going to start charging. We shall see. Here is the other blog if you want to follow it:

Can you tell what my name is going to be be? I haven't registered the name in Missouri, so I am hoping that no one else has it. Cross your fingers.

I would like the focus of my business to be maternity and newborn/babies. I think the name goes well with that.

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