Sunday, August 22, 2010 the last few weeks

It has been a crazy last few weeks for us. Luke was in Florida, as you all know, and Greyson and I got to spend some time with everyone in Springfield. By the end of the week Luke was ready to be home and Greyson and I were as well.

Greyson and I started out our week in Springfield at Luke's parent's house. I thought I would post some cute pictures of Marcy playing with Greyson in the pool. He is very amused by the water sprinkler.

The rest of the week, we did some more swimming at the other grandma's, got to spend some quality time with Stacey and Leslie and played with Nana and Grandpa. He even got to visit his great-grandparents.

Boy oh boy were we glad to come home. We got home and just hung out together as a family all weekend. Here's a few pictures and a video to see what all we did.

Last Sunday after church we decided to walk on the path behind our house to the park. It was hot, but there was a little bit of a breeze. Greyson looked stylish with his green sunglasses, well he did for the 10 seconds that he left them on.

He loves to swing! I got tons of cute smiles (all gummy smiles - no teeth yet).

We then decided to get on the teeter totter. I remember the old school ones where every time you came down, you slammed your butt down. They are high tech now. They are plastic and have a bit of a bounce to them.

Last picture of the outing. He never smiles at the camera. We need someone to take the picture for us and try to get his attention instead of setting the camera on a tripod.

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  1. These are all great pics! I love the video where he smiles in the end. Too cute!