Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photography Class

I'm just about done with my photography class. So far, I've learned less than I expected. The class is relatively laid back and the teacher is very interesting. She shoots only in black & white and prefers to not concentrate on the "rules" of photography. I was hoping to gain more insight on the "rules" of photography, but I'm enjoying the class anyway. We have homework assignments each week. You bring your photos to class and the class discusses/comments on them. I thought I would share my first two homework assignments.

The first assignment was to take a twelve photos of the same object from twelve different angles. I thought this was extremely boring. I'm not going to post all twelve photos, but I will post a few.
Comments on this were that the house was too distracting, but the weed at the bottom of the frame was nice.
Our teacher did not like where the sky hit the landscape, but she thought the lighting was great.

This photo was a favorite among the class, but I don't like it. Everyone liked the softness of the weed and then the texture in the rocks behind it.

My favorite. I feel like this is my style. Our teacher loved this one. She really liked the sun spots and the lighting in general.

The second homework assignment was to take a total of five photos in an urban and rural environment.

Here are the photos that I presented:

This was well liked. The one criticism was that the building and sky at the top right are over exposed. I like how this photo turned out.
This was another well liked photo. I think I'm the only one that had a complaint about this picture. I think the blurriness takes over the photo because it starts halfway through it.

In our class, our teacher talked about cropping in camera and playing with the idea that sometimes photos are better if you have to imagine parts of the person/landscape. I tried to crop this one with that in mind. Did I succeed? I'm not sure. The consensus in class was that this is a strong photograph and would be great if the wall to the left of the guy had more texture in it. Definitely interesting though.
I love the lighting on these two pictures of Greyson. I had some complaints about the sun spots in the first one, but I love them. Overall consensus is that the cropping in camera could have been better.

I really like the feedback that I get. The most important thing to me is to hear the feedback and utilize the things that I want and ignore the things that I want to ignore.

Btw - I posted tons of new pictures of Greyson but it missed up and posted it on the wrong date. If you haven't got your Greyson fix - go back before the cheap shopping trip and you will see them.

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