Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Months

Here's your life at 10 months:

You weigh 17.2 lbs and you are 28.5 inches long.

You are eating three meals a day, but breakfast is definitely your biggest meal. At breakfast you eat, ¾ of a banana and a bigger bowl of oatmeal than me. You pretty much eat anything. We have gotten extremely lax about what we feed you. As long as we aren’t having something spicy, we let you try it. You are still nursing 3 times a day.

We tried changing your sleep schedule and so far you are not cooperating. I dropped the 5:30am feeding and decided that you can just wait to eat until you get up for the morning. You usually wake up at 5:30am and cry, cry, cry until we give in and come get you. I put my foot down until about 6:30am but then you get to get up. I’m not giving up on you getting up later. You are going to do it. You are still taking two naps. They are both about an hour and fifteen minutes.

You still wear 3-6 month pants and 6-9 months onesies. You are wearing 6-9 month sleepers.

You wear a size 3 diaper during the day, but you have to wear a size 4 diaper at night. Otherwise, we wake up to a wet baby and bed.

You have tons of hair. I really need to give you a trim, but I’ve been trying to hold out until it is long enough for Grandpa to tie a jig with it.

You are still a water baby. You are now flipping over on your belly, putting your face in the water to drink and pulling up using the ledge. We turn the water on and say, “Greyson, its bath time,” and you go crawling just as fast as you can go to the bathroom. You are now sitting in the bathtub without using the whale tub.

You are still doing the army crawl, but you now get up on all fours and do a rocking motion. You can pull up on just about everything. I say “up, up, up” and you smile as big as you can and then pull up.

You blabber quite a bit when we are out, but are usually quiet while at home.

1st time at a pumpkin patch
I couldn't find you one day and here is where I found you.

Saying bye bye to the whale tub.
1st time in bathtub without the whale tub.
All of us out to dinner.
Trip to the library.

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  1. he's so big! that's it...i have to come up there and see him...and you!