Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trials of a Sewing Virgin

Anyone want to know what I've been up to lately? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway. I have been on a crafting kick. I've been working on sewing play food for Greyson. It has been an interesting experience.

Let me tell you a bit about it. So, the first thing is that I could not figure out how to thread the bobbin. I consulted the book and called Grandma, but still couldn't get it done. Charlotte, one of the play date moms, came over and helped me out. She got me threaded and my bobbin filled. I thought I was fine from there. Well, I got one piece of the food sewn and then I changed the thread. From here, it went downhill again. I got the bobbin threaded this time (yeah!), but could not get the needle to pull the thread up. I consulted the book again and called Grandma again, but nope...nothing. I had a lady coming over from Craigslist to look at Greyson's clothes. Well, we started chatting while she was looking at the clothes. She saw my sewing machine and asked what I was making. I then proceeded to tell her about my threading issue. She looked at it and fiddled for a few minutes and fixed it. I was relieved! I didn't realize that I had to have the top threaded so that the top thread pulls the bottom thread up. Geez, I felt dumb. At this point, I am now on cloud nine because I know I am good to go. I get the lettuce made. I changed out the thread and filled the bobbin. I start to sew and realize my thread is pulling weird. I spend 45 minutes trying to figure out what is going on. When Luke gets home, I ask him to look at it. Neither one of us can figure it out. Nothing seems to help (this is now Friday). Saturday comes and brings my photo shoot people. The photo shoot is actually for the sister of a girl that I used to work with (who happens to own a sewing shop). Can you guess what happens? Yep, I asked my friend (who came with her sister to the photo shoot) to help me figure out what was going on. I had the top thread twisted around the correct knob, but on the wrong side of it. Seriously? Lol. Since Saturday, I have not had any problems. I even managed to finish a sandwich for Greyson.

I made two pieces of bread (stuffed with filling), turkey, American cheese, Swiss Cheese, tomato, and lettuce (that crinkles). I have a few more things cut out and ready to be sewn. I finally feel like I'm on a roll.

Throughout this whole process, I've called my Grandma for help and she has thought that the sewing machine was just acting up. I kept telling her that I know it is just the user, but she didn't believe me.

You believe me now, don't you Grandma? =)

Some people would be appalled by the quality of sewing, but I'm rather proud of them.

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