Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye, PAT Liz

When we moved, we had to say goodbye to our PAT, Liz Moran. She had been so good to us. She had to do an exit interview on us and submit it to Columbia Public Schools. We received a copy of it the other day.

I was pretty happy with her observations. Here they are:

Strengths of the Child and Family:

"Greyson is a bright and energetic little boy who is thriving in a loving, two-parent family. He gets a lot of consistent, quality attention from his Mom & Dad and has supportive extended family. Greyson is surrounded by age-appropriate toys and books, and is read to on a daily basis. Mom has been an enthusiastic PAT participant since Greyson's birth.

Looking Ahead - Suggestions to Encourage Development:

"Continuing to get Greyson out into the community and enjoying social gatherings with friends and family will help him grow in all areas of development. Keep reading to him daily to fuel his love of books, and give him plenty of outside time for his climbing, balancing, and running. Playgroups are good to continue for socialization. Keep up the good work!"

and just because we can't have a post without a picture...

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