Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wilson Rutledge Park

Stacey, Cody, Luke and I and the kiddos all went to Rutledge Wilson Park a few weeks' ago. It was amazing and one of the most amazing things was that it was FREE! I love free. They had the cutest little park area that was all barn themed. They had a pond that you could fish out of. We went Halloween weekend, so they had a few vendors selling jam and popcorn. They had blow-up houses for kiddos. They had a "pumpkin patch" (ahem, a pretty pathetic one). They had hale bale mounds. Greyson loved climbing all over them. They had cows, mini horses, chickens, turkeys, etc. BUT....they also had TRACTORS. Greyson was in heaven! They had big ones (full-sized) and mini ones. They had a little area marked off where kiddos could ride them around. I think we probably could have spent all day there. It was a great time!

Petting the cow. Greyson didn't know what to think about that.

Picking pumpkins out. I think he touched about 30 before we ended up taking two. =)

Trying to give Katelyn a kiss. She didn't cooperate. lol

Sharing his pumpkins with Katelyn. It was a proud mommy moment, until he took them back. =)

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