Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday little one. I can't believe how fast two years' has gone. Every phase you have gone through has been better and more fun than the last. I loved cuddling you as a baby, seeing you crawl and hearing your first words. But, I love your capacity to love, pretend play and talk more than I have loved anything yet. You give out hugs and kisses all the time. Whether its getting up in the morning and giving me a hug and kiss or just randomly through out the day; you do it all the time. I love when I am randomly the recipient of these special moments. They are the highlight of my days. You sure do know how to make your Mommy and Daddy feel special. I hope we make you feel as special as you make us feel.

I love how you play. I love the thought process that goes in to moving your cars around or pouring me pretend coffee. Its amazing to see the wheels turning in your head. To see the world how you see it. I love how you get in your car but before you leave, you get out of it and come give me a hug and kiss and tell me bye-bye. I love how you drive the bus around the room, but the people have to be sitting in the seats. I love how you get angry at yourself or the bus if you accidentally hit it and the people fall out of the seats.

I love the words you put together. I love how we are driving down the street and you say "Red light" or "big bus" or "green light go". Some of the word combinations you come up with are just amazing. I am constantly amazed at how smart you are. The way you think to say things or the fact that you are thinking about some things in general always amazes me.

Happy 2nd Birthday! Love you!!

(not at all a Birthday picture, but just one of my favorite pictures of you and I)

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