Friday, March 2, 2012

Elmo Birthday Party

I'm only about two months late in posting about Greyson's birthday party. Oh well. I tried to limit myself on getting too caught up in all the details. I think we ended up with the perfect amount.

I don't think Greyson cared either way about the decorations. I thought he would really love them but he seemed only mildly impressed. Is that a boy for you? He loved having all of his family and friends there and he especially loved all his presents.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little One.


  1. I like how, in the picture of him sitting on the table, it looks like Elmo is looking up at him. Nice to see a new post, too. I know you have been busy with the new house (new housh! new housh!) but we've needed our Greyson pic fix!

  2. Loved your party! everything looks so cute and perfect. hope ours turns out that way!