Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sensory Steps

I saw this idea off of Pinterest awhile back and knew that I wanted to do it with Greyson. We used paper plates and I went through the house searching for things that we could walk on. We ended up finding a sponge, craft beads and pipe cleaners. We started out trying to glue the beads on the plate. Greyson loves to glue so I thought that would add to the fun. The beads were stubborn though and would not glue on. We ended up just sitting everything in the plates. The idea of the steps is to feel different textures on your feet. He was definitely a bit weirded out at first. I think he only stepped on them about twice, but we got to talk about them quite a bit. I consider the whole thing a success. It was easy to do and he seemed to like it. Afterwards, he had fun putting the beads in a container and shaking them. Greyson and I both like little projects like this so it is definitely fun to do them together.

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