Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thomas the Train

A few weeks' ago, we headed to Dallas to do a bit of shopping (IKEA) and visit Thomas the Train. We signed up for the "Day out with Thomas" event. Greyson talked about it all the way there. He was so excited. I have to say that for the price $17 per person, there was a ton to do. It was well worth it. We got there and there was different tents set up with things to do. There were play trains to play with, coloring stations, videos to watch, lego building, bounce houses, etc. He was a bit overwhelmed with the noise, but really loved the whole experience. The train ride lasted about thirty minutes and it was just a tad too long for his liking. He loved the ride, but most of it went through grassy areas and there wasn't much to look at. This might be an annual excursion for us for a few years....don't tell Luke. =)

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