Sunday, July 15, 2012

Super Fun Sunday

Baby boy is growing up. Stop reading if you don't want pooping details. =) He has pooped in the toilet for four days straight. It is now part of our bedtime routine. We sit there and read and then Luke and I leave him. A few seconds later, "Mommy, I pooped". Sure enough, he did. 

Anyways, we've been telling him that if he can start pooping consistently in the toilet then we will go get him a big boy pillow. Well, today was the day. We headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to find the perfect one. I thought it would be fun to try out pillows on the beds they had. We ended up getting a travel size one and it is just perfect. He was so proud. We were so proud. It was fun. 

We decided to head to the Republic Aquatic Center after his nap. I took him there last week and he loved it, but I knew that Luke and him would have a ton of fun there together. We had fun.

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