Monday, July 2, 2012

2nd Dallas Trip

My Mom has been wanting to take a little trip for quite some time with Greyson, Britt and I. I had talked to Brittany about planning something for a belated Mother's Day/Birthday present for her. We gave her the option to go pretty much anywhere within 8 hours driving distance. She picked Dallas. She *might* have heard me rave about Ikea and West Elm prior to picking. =)

We left on Tuesday morning (before Luke left for Denver) and came back late on Friday. We shopped, shopped and shopped some more. We found awesome little pizza/brewery place. I would never ever choose pizza for dinner, but when I asked Greyson what he wanted...take a guess at what it was. To my surprise, the pizza was great. Hardly no sauce and lots of veggies. Perfect!

We fit quite a few shopping malls and individual stores in. I found a new love...Nieman Marcus Last Call (basically the outlet store of Nieman Marcus). I'm glad I don't live close, because it would definitely be a problem. 

For Greyson, we went to a super fun Children's Museum. It is definitely something to do for kids under five. We also checked out a train park that had a hedge maze. He loved both of them. Two of the days, we headed back to the hotel early and swam. The hotel pool was awesome because half of it was like a sunbathing area (which was perfect for Greyson). 

Glad to be home, but we had fun.

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