Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of MDO

 You wanted to take a picture of Daddy.

We were getting ready to get in the car when I decided that I had to bust out the real camera. =)

Once we got strapped in to the carseat, you started asking me a thousand questions. You couldn't quite grasp that fact that you were going to stay somewhere with other kids and have lunch with them. I don't think you were nervous, but you were definitely curious. I started to worry just a bit on the drive over to Carpenter's Kids. You are extremely independent and have never been overly clingy. I thought you would love it, but just being your Mommy....I was nervous. 

We got out of the car and you clutched my hand. I put your backpack on and we started walking to the door. You saw tons of other kids and their parents. We ended up walking next to a little girl and her grandma. You informed the grandma that you were too small to go to school on a real bus, but Mommy says that pretty soon you can ride one. She thought you were adorable. 

At school getting ready to drop you off. 

I took you to your classroom and set your backpack down. You were off! I had to call you three times to come back and give me a hug and kiss.

I picked up Daddy for lunch and we came to get you. He was curious to see how your first day went. When we went to your classroom, it was empty. The sign said that you guys were playing in the hallway by the gym. We started that way and saw tons of ride-on cars. I knew from that site, that you were having a great time. You were in a cozy coupe and the other ten(ish) kids were on cars as well. You guys were playing red light green light. We had to call you twice for you to even see us. You didn't want to go home, but your teachers talked you in to leaving.

On the way home, you talked about what when on. You did some art, played outside, ate lunch, and played with cars. 

The overall consensus is that you were exhausted by the time we got home, but you loved every minute of the time you spent at MDO. 

Daddy and I are so proud of you. We love you!

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  1. I cried a little while reading this. Not sure why - maybe because he seems to be growing up too quickly. Or, memories of first school days past. Such a sweet blog post.