Sunday, September 30, 2012

33 Months

I'm not sure how much you weight but you are  36 3/4 (you have grown a lot in the last few months) inches tall. 

We still don't have any major problems with getting you to eat, but we have seen some slow down in the whole eating dinner thing. If you love what we are having then we don't have any problems, but if it is ok...then you may only eat a few bites. You are growing so I'm not worried. 

You are in bed from 7:30pm to 7:00 am. Sometimes you talk to yourself or sing and we have to come in after 8 and tell you its time to be quiet and go to sleep. =) The naps are interesting lately. About once a week, you decide that you aren't going to sleep. You talk and sing (but stay in bed) and you just never go to sleep. I hope this doesn't become a more regular pattern. You still need your naps (and mommy does too).

You still wear a diaper at night and naps.

You are mostly wearing 2T shirts, but I have started buying 3T. The 3T are definitely a bit big, but that is the size that you will wear late winter. Pants are another story. You need 2T in length but you have to have ultra skinny with adjustable bands. You can't just have the slim fit (trust me I know). After trying on about twenty pairs at the mall and leaving with none....I know you are skinny. lol. Baby Gap ultra skinny are the one and only pairs that fit right now. 

You started Mother's Day Out this month and you love it. You play stop and go with Cozy Coupes in the hallway and that is by far your favorite thing. Your teachers are impressed with your attitude and manners. They have commented on both every time I pick you up. That makes me so happy! They are also amazed at your appetite. Seriously, if I give you something you love to eat there is no ending to your stomach. I'm a bit scared for the teenage years in that regard.

You love your morning tv time. You watch one show for about an hour between 7:45-8:30 (it gives me time for coffee). The favorite morning contenders are Fireman Sam and Huckle. For the past week, Huckle has been number one.  

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