Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our little Fish

Greyson and Luke (ha!) started swimming lessons yesterday. One loved it and one thought it was torture. Can you guess who was who? =)

Ok, I'm serious now (not that I wasn't serious just a second ago), but I want to spill the details. DiVentures offers swimming lessons for all ages and I had called them repeatedly this summer trying to get Greyson in. No luck. Well, I decided to give them one more call and they had an opening. Monday nights from 6-6:30. He is in the "Baby and Me" class which is for ages 6-36 months. To ''graduate"out of this class, he has to be able to blow bubbles, submerge underneath the water, have 8-10 seconds of breath control and understand pool safety methods.

On the way to class, he was definitely a bit nervous. He told us all the way there that he did not want to go under the water. When we got there, he was a bundle of energy. He was so stinking excited. It was so cute. =)

We met the teacher and the boys got changed out. They started in the pool working on floating on their belly. Luke supported him and then tried to teach him how to blow bubbles. The teacher had about ten different "stations" of things to do set up within the pool area. It was seriously great. One of the pool safety things, was to hang on the edge of the pool and use your hands to go hand over hand along the edge. While going hand over hand, Greyson then had to push down little foam turtles. Pool safety and a game all at once = one amazing time for a toddler.

I sat on the bleachers and watched the whole time. Luke got to deal with a squirmy toddler that asked (probably 100 times, seriously) "what do we do next"? Luke said that he actually had fun, but Greyson was so high energy that it made it a bit hard.

 Showing off his new shark towel.

 Pretending to be sharks.

 Getting changed after class.

Greyson didn't want to leave and can't wait till next week.

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  1. Love that shark towel! My boys were the same this summer. One loved going to the pool and working on swimming. The other stayed on the steps and hated getting in the water and learning to swim. Hopefully, he will get over it.