Friday, November 2, 2012

34 Months

You weigh 29.6 pounds and are 36 3/4 inches tall.

You still eat and sleep well. For your age, your palate is very refined. =) You had chicken nuggets for the first time this month. You liked them. They definitely won't be a staple at our house, but every once in awhile we can get them. 

You started swim school. You love it! I can't wait to see how far you progress over the next few months. 

We have been crazy busy this month with tons of things. We went to Silver Dollar City (twice), Rutledge Wilson Park for Harvest Days, the Library Station,  had playdates with Silas (new friend), Jumping Joey's, Jump Mania, etc!

There have been some firsts this month as well. We did a bonfire, rode the lawn mower, decorated a pumpkin and more.

Daddy and I are enjoying these days with you. Love you!

 A first: You finally rode/drove the lawn mower. You loved it!

 I picked you up like this (with streaks of dirt on your face) from school. You guys played hard outside. =)

 1st Bonfire (Many more pictures to come)
 1st Pumpkin Decorating: I decided to use washable markers, so you wouldn't get messy. Well, turns out that wasn't too smart. Over the next few days, the pumpkin's face washed away. 

 The first time the pumpkin "fell" off the step.
 After this picture, I went inside to take the camera. I hear, "Mommy, help". The pumpkin had rolled down the yard, past the street into the ditch. You "helped" it get there "accidentally" by kicking it. =)

 Sharing your first "big boy" ride with Preston (it was his first time too!).
 1st visit to the Library Station. You loved it!

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