Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So, I am late (really late) in posting this. Better late than never, right? You turned three(!) almost two weeks' ago. I can't believe it.

Daddy and I have been enjoying the new things that you are able to do. You got some games for Christmas and we have been playing them a few times a week. You love them, especially Hi Ho Cheerio and the I Spy Busytown game. You love to win, but are still ok with losing.

 You are very helpful when you're interested in what we are doing. You want to be involved in the house renovations, cleaning time and other little things.

You have now been in swim class for about three months. We are constantly told by the teachers that you are a natural and that you are going to be a great swimmer. We just moved up to a new class called "Aqua Tykes". You are blowing bubbles, floating on your back un-assisted (as long as you think someone is there - you do great), and swimming with a barbell. You love going and smile ear-to-ear the whole time we are there.

We went to the Dr. for your three year appointment last week. The Dr. said you had really "beefed up".  =) You moved from the 10th% in weight to the 21st%. You are in the 50th% for height. Still skinny, but following a curve in the right direction.

We had a hearing test during the appointment and you passed with flying colors. I asked the Dr. about you not using a specific hand (right or left) and he said that you should have already designated a hand. He then went on to say that it is fine that you haven't chosen one and if you don't you could end up being ambidextrous. Another concern that I had was knowing your colors. You are good on red and yellow, but have problems with blues and greens. The Dr. said that you could be color blind (or partial) and they would test for that at age five if you haven't gotten them down by then.

One of your favorite things to do is listen to "Mighty to Save". Sometimes we just sing it and other times we have a dance party. You seriously love the song and want to listen to it over and over again.

Christmas and your birthday were fun this year. You knew what was going on around you and it was fun to see it through your eyes. You were upset that Santa left a few cookie crumbs on the plate (you thought he should have eaten all of it). You weren't interested in opening present after present. You wanted to play with each thing before you went to the next one. For your birthday, we did a Cars themed party and everyone went in on a huge swing set. You love it. When you saw it, I expected a huge smile and a super excited little boy. You were totally interested in it, but you were especially interested in how it got there (ALL THE DETAILS).

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