Monday, April 29, 2013


So, I hate to say it, but I was disappointed in London. Actually, I think I was just so excited to see Scotland that I just wanted to get the London part over with. Luke and I basically had Friday night and Saturday all day to see the sights. We went to dinner with his coworkers (at a really nice steak place) and spend most of the night there. Too much food and too much wine. =) Fun times. 

Saturday morning we got up and a few of the guys from his office went with us to Buckingham Palace. I wanted to see the changing of the guard, which happens around 11:30. It was a mad house there! We pressed up to the gates to watch the guard change and it was pretty disappointing. Basically, all they do is change places. LOL. I don't know what I expected. 

(Buckingham Palace)

We left the Palace and headed to the river to walk to see Big Ben. About five minutes later, we hear quite the commotion. We look back to the street where Buckingham Palace is and there is a parade of the furry hat guards. *I LOVE FURRY HAT GUARDS!

Luke, the other guys and I all look at each other and basically run up to the street. It was pretty comical. 

 (Big Ben)

We walked a mile or so and saw Big Ben. Then Luke and I went off by ourself and went shopping on Oxford Street. Loved it! Ok, the UK has the cutest boy clothes ever! Next time we go, I am taking a whole suitcase just to bring back clothes for Greyson. They are skinny legged Gap looking clothes at great prices. 

From there, we walked to Tower Bridge. You can go up in it, but we didn't. I know we will go back and that is something Greyson will love to do, so we decided to wait to do it with him.

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