Saturday, April 20, 2013

San Francisco, We loved you!

I've totally been neglecting this little blog. I have so many pictures flagged in iPhoto and I just haven't gotten around to getting them in order. Well, I finally got on the ball with our San Francisco trip pictures.

We went back in December and met Andy and Sianna there. We had a blast! I don't think I've ever ate so much in my whole life! We mainly ate and took in the sites. They introduced us to public transportation and we really used it. We had used the subway in New York once, but you can say we are public transportation virgins no more after this trip. 

 Chiefs vs. Raiders.... Probably the worst game ever to watch. It was pretty boring, but I loved being able to see an away game. 

 Alcatraz - Luke and I toured this by ourselves and we really loved it. 

 This is a little bakery/cafe that Sianna had been to before and wanted to go back to. I need a coffee cup like that at home!
 Our hotel was a bit interesting, but this was our view once we got outside. The street cars came by all the time - pretty neat. =)

 Waiting in line for the quaint little breakfast place. IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. Hands down the best breakfast that I've ever had!
 This might have been taken after a few too many drinks at a Piano bar. =)

These were all over Alcatraz. I just love them. Someone told us they are called "hen and chicks" and I really want some for our yard. 

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