Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3 1/2

You weigh 31.4 lbs (15th percentile) and are 39.5 inches tall (50th percentile).

We still put you down to bed at 7:30 pm, but you usually don't fall asleep until after 8. You wake up around 6:45am, but know that you aren't allowed to come out of your room until your alarm goes off at 6:50. We bought you a toddler alarm clock which turns green when you are allowed to get up. We set it and it's working great for all of us. 

You are still very much a Daddy's boy in day-to-day things. When it comes to cuddling or when you get hurt, you want your Mama. Sometimes you are super sweet to us and we both love it. You will just grab one of us and squeeze and I say that you love us. I adore those moments. 

Other times, you have a temper. Ha. You definitely have your Mommy's personality most of the time. You like schedules, knowing what the "plan" is, 

You still go to Carpenter's Kids and Swim Class. The teachers at both places really like you, so it makes me feel like we do an ok job at home. In swim class, you are so close to being able to swim by yourself. You go underneath like it's no big deal and you are just doing great.

We've had some Dr. appointments in the last few months, but nothing recently. Thank goodness.

Your favorite things at home right now are: playing with legos, playing rescue and with rescue vehicles, planning Handy Manny (with your toolbox) and playing with castles and dragons.

Your favorite videos are: Postman Pat, Handy Manny, Super Why and Mighty Machines.

Your favorite things to do out are: Swimming (all the time and anywhere!), Silver Dollar City, anything outside and storytime at the Library.

You still are a great eater. You love mexican (just like Mommy and Daddy) and will pretty much eat most anything (as long as its not too spicy nor acidic).

You got your Daddy's sweet tooth. 

Playing with a caterpillar

Baking with Mommy

Playing Castles and Dragons (he's breathing fire on the knight right now)

He made this and then brought it to me and said that he made a windmill to generate electricity. Blew my mind.

Breakfast treat at Price Cutter.

Day out at Cox Hospital. Who would know that a little boy would love walking the bridge and looking at helicpoters so much. I dreaded having someone ask me who we were visiting, because I would have had to say that we were sightseeing. lol

Helping Great Grandpa with his garden.

Silver Dollar City

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