Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Scotland - Stirling, Glencoe Pass and Fort William (Part 3)

I have to be the slowest person ever on getting vacation pictures sorted through. Seriously, three months later and I'm still not done. By the time I actually get done, we will be heading on another vacation. Geez.

Anyways, last time I posted I walked you through Glencoe Pass on the way to Fort William. Fort William was at the peak of our trip in Scotland. We had a nice little Bed and Breakfast and an afternoon/evening to explore.

We explored Neptune's Staircase (the longest staircase lock in Britain), toured Old Inverlochy Castle, tried to eat at the top of the Ben Nevis Mountain (by the time we got there it was closed) and walked around downtown.

 Nepune's Staircase was really interesting. The engineers had to walk from staircase to staircase to open the water. We chatted with one of the boat captains for quite awhile and he wanted us to get on the boat and ride part way up. We declined, but it was super nice of him to offer. It takes two hours for the boats to get from top-bottom or vice versa. I think they said that four boats can be in each lock at once. Neither one of us had ever seen anything like this, so we both enjoyed it.

 We went to Old Inverlochy Castle next. It was the first castle that we had been to that was super remote and relatively untouched. Seriously, we couldn't even find it. No signs, no parking, no nothing. Funny.

The castle used to have a moat around it and you could still see the indentations of where it was. You could also climb some of the stairs on the inside, but most of them were crumbled down.

By the end of the day we were pretty tired. We headed downtown to find a place to eat and ended up in an Asian Thai Bistro (weird, huh?). After dinner, we crashed.

Up next is our last day in Scotland and one of my favorite days ever!

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