Thursday, June 26, 2014

March-April : In Review

We finally got the new computer up and running so I'm now good to start updating pictures. 

This is what the past few months have looked like in our living room:

 Little legos everywhere! They have been such a hit with G. He LOVES them. 

 This was on St. Patty's day. Greyson thought it was just hilarious that you could pinch someone if they weren't wearing green.

 He is all about astronauts and space right now. Most of the time he plays with his little space missiles, but this day he was really in to doing 'missions'.

 In the little common area in front of our house, there are a few trees that you can climb in to. He had a blast riding his little tractor around to the trees and them climbing them. 

 This was at the circus (the 3 HOUR CIRCUS!). He got a bit crazy... as you can tell. 

 This was our first trip to Silver Dollar City this year. We decided to do the cave and he loved it!

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