Sunday, March 28, 2010

Onesie's and Brownies - What a combo!

I wish I had the opportunity to take a sewing class in high school. Just this week, my grandma had to teach me how to sew buttons on. Would you count that as a sewing lesson? I can come up with and find on the internet all kinds of projects to make at home, but that’s usually where it stops. Not this time though. Since my Grandma is truly Martha Stewart, check out this onesie. I can claim stealing the idea and buying the fabric, but she did the rest. I love the whale and the finishing stitches on the onesie.

The total cost of this was $2.15…what a steal. Now only if I could actually make it myself. I’m going to have another sewing lesson next time I go to Springfield, so I just might be able to make these for Greyson someday. Here are a few more that she made.

We made brownies today. Well, let me rephrase that. I came up with the great idea and recipe for brownies and Luke made them. He said they are the best brownies he has ever had. Thanks Martha (she provided the recipe).

Here's the recipe if anyone wants it.

I can’t judge them until tomorrow. Brownies are the best to me when they are a day old. I love and I mean love my edge brownie pan that I got for Christmas. No longer do I have the center of the brownies to deal with…its all the edges. Yum!!

The finished product...after we dug into it. =)


  1. I LOVE those onsies!! How cute. I can't really imagine you sewing though :) You'll have to prove me wrong. And, just for the record, a centerless pan of brownies just isn't worth making!

  2. When those brownie pans came out Adam said they made him cry on the inside. :) He hates edges- in fact I make brownies so gooey they're almost just dough. Cute onesies! Even cuter kid ;)