Monday, July 12, 2010

6 months old

My baby is 6 months old. I can hardly believe it. I didn’t think we were going to make it past the first 4-8 weeks’, let alone a whole six months. I catch myself holding him while he sleeps and wishing he were little again. He is growing so fast and I just want to pause for a second and hold him when he was 2 months again. Luke can’t wait for him to walk around and play soccer with him. I thought I would feel the same, but I don’t. I know I’m going to miss this time once he is older, because I’m already missing the times when all he wanted to do was cuddle. My favorite time to cuddle him is at night. I feed him right before I go to bed and he is half asleep and half awake. I love that time we spend together.

We are working with him on sitting up. He can do it for about 15 seconds on a good day and then he face plants. He has his 6 month pictures on Monday and I really hope he can master sitting up before the pictures.

He is eating like a champ. He loves to eat. He has tried: rice cereal, barley, carrot, banana, avocado, apple, pear, cherry, zucchini and acorn squash. I’m dreading the day when he tries to feed himself. Eating is already messy and I can only imagine what it will look like when he tries to do it by himself.

During his 6 month doctor appointment, he cried for 5 seconds while he got his shots, but right after the band-aid went on he smiled at the nurse. He is such a charmer. He weighed in at 13.13 (3rd percentile) and 26 inches long (15 percentile). He’s our little runt; destined to be a quarterback or point guard.


  1. wait until he is 18 and then talk to me about wanting him to be little again. LOL.

  2. i sure miss that little sweetie! can i have one of his 6 month pics?? just a little one? i can't wait to see my own little baby! you're a great mommy, but i always knew you would be! love ya babe!