Friday, July 2, 2010

Presents Galore

Lately, I have been getting “presents” every day in the mail. It has been an adventure to go to the mailbox to see what the surprise is for the day. I have found a way to turn the “presents” in to a money saving venture.

So, the “presents” that I am getting are actually free samples from anywhere and everywhere. In the past few days I have gotten shampoo and conditioner, mayo, 1 paper towel (which was a bit of a disappointment) and deodorant. I told Luke the other day that my goal was to not have to buy shampoo or conditioner until next year. I decided to go ahead and add women’s deodorant and feminine products to that list as well. If I were to estimate I would say that we spend $10.00 per month on shampoo, conditioner, my deodorant and feminine products. So, potential cost savings is $60.00 for the rest of the year.

I started signing up for samples about the same time that I started my couponing craziness. So far, I have probably eight bottles of shampoo and conditioner, three sticks of deodorant and all kinds of feminine products. I also have gotten other random stuff like: cat food (wet and dry), tide samples, clorox samples, splenda, coffee and much more. The funny thing is that with most of the samples that I have received; they are name brand products and, for the most part, “better” than what I would usually buy at the store. I usually buy Herbal Essence or Pantene for hair products and in the mail I have received Aveeno and Paul Mitchell. Works for me!

The other day I signed up for this company called Pinecone Research. I have been trying to get a membership (its free) for quite some time but whenever I hear that they are taking new members I am always too late. Well, I got in fast enough this time. Basically, you sign up and for every survey or new product that you try and evaluate they pay you $3.00. It took me about twenty minutes to do my first survey this morning. I can’t tell you about it because it’s “confidential” but it was extremely interesting. I follow two different blogs: Money Saving Mom and Deal Seeking Mom and they always recommend this company.

If your interested in the free samples or coupons the two blogs that I just mentioned are where I get most of my free stuff. I Heart Coupon Deals is a similar blog that is local to Springfield.

I think that’s the end of my new money saving or making ventures. Just to warn you though, if you come visit us bring your own shampoo or conditioner otherwise you will be using samples! =)

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