Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11 months

Here's your life at 11 months:

You weigh 17.2 lbs and you are 28.75 inches long. You stayed the same with your weight but you gained .25 in length.

You are eating at the same time we are. Daddy found out that you love to take bites out of a banana for breakfast. You eat the whole banana this way. You still have quite the appetite. I stopped nursing you after Thanksgiving. You are now taking two bottles a day.

Your sleep schedule has changed quite a bit since last month. You still go to bed at 7pm but you now get up between 6:15-6:35am. You still take two naps a day. The morning nap is your longer nap and you usually sleep about an hour and a half. During the afternoon nap you sleep about 45 min.

You are finally fitting in to 6-12 month clothing. The pants are still too big and you crawl right out of them, but sleepers and onesies are fitting well.

You wear a size 3 diaper during the day, but you have to wear a size 4 diaper at night. Nothing has changed here from last month.

Your hair has grown and grown. I gave you a small trim a few weeks' ago but you need another one. I am trying to let it grow long enough so that Grandpa can tie a jig with your hair.

You still love bathtime. We are trying to teach you not to pull up on the side of the tub. You love to pull up to stand and we can't get you to stop. You drink the bath water and sometimes choke but you are learning.

You are crawling everywhere. You revert back to the army crawl occasionally but you crawl most of the time. You pull up on everything (tables, chairs, doors, walls, etc.). You haven't started crusing yet, but I know its coming.

You talk all the time. Your favorite things to say are: dadada, mamama and bababa. I know you know who Dada and Mama are because when I leave the room you crawl after me and say "mama". It is so precious.

I heart these pants.
This was such a mess. I thought I could wrap presents while you were awake. Big mistake!
This picture cracks me up. You are sporting my new favorite winter hat.
You and Grandpa on Thanksgiving.
Daddy feeding you your nighttime bottle.
I found you standing up like this.
This was the first time you pulled the DVD's off of the shelf. I thought it was super cute. I still think its cute, but you do is so often that I'm getting tired of picking them up.
Family picture at Flat Branch.
Trip to grocery store.
Trying on the owl hat that I got you for your birthday.
Enjoying the swingset/fort that is in our living room.
You were sick with pneumonia this day and super cranky. I put you in your crib and threw stuffed animal in there. It made you smile for about a minute and then you were cranky again.
I love this picture. Your shirt says, "Programmed to love". You can thank your Nana for the shirt.
Playing with one of your favorite toys. This probably ranks #1 in your toys. #2 is probably your bug jug and #3 is this wooden toy with disks.
Chewing on a straw at Flat Branch.
Flat Branch.
Crawling through your tunnel.
Your shirt says " I get in to everything". It is so true.
One of your favorite places to pull up. I had to take the stuff off the shelf.
Your first quarter car ride. Courtesy of your Auntie Brittany and Grandma.
You loved these chairs at Gymboree.

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  1. Super cute pics! I love the way you write these blogs to him, what a great way to record his first years!