Tuesday, January 4, 2011

12 months

Here's your life at 12 months:

You weigh 18.6 lbs (3rd percentile) and you are 29 inches long (25th percentile).

You eat just about everything we eat. The only thing that we’ve found you don’t like is dill pickles. Every time I try to give you one, you screw up your nose and turn your head to the side. It cracks me up. You are still taking a bottle in the morning and evening.

You still go to bed at 7pm and now wake up pretty consistently at 6:15am. On a great day, you sleep to 6:45 and both your Daddy and I love those days. You take two naps as well. Your naps are between 1 – 1 ½ hours.

Your 6-9 month pants fit great but you are able to keep some of your 6-12 month pants up as well. All your other clothes are 6-12 months.

You wear a size 3 diaper during the day, but you have to wear a size 4 overnight diaper at night.

You have tons of hair. I thought it would be curly but it is straight and fine. You need a haircut and I’m dreading it.

Your favorite part of the day is still bath time. We say, “Greyson, its bath time.” You start crawling to the bath and say “bah, bah, bah”.

You have started cruising. I think it is still going to be another month or so until you start walking, but that is coming next. You finally figured out how to clap. I've been working on this with you forever and you finally did it for Daddy. =(

You talk all the time. Your favorite word is “dada” but you say “ma ma ma” and “bah bah bah (for bath). You love hearing your voice. Whether it is screaming for fun or talking; you don’t care.

You love playing with your toys, being carried around by Daddy or having me chase you. When I chase you, you crawl a few feet and then roll over. I come over and pretend to tickle you and you just start laughing. It is the cutest thing ever.

On your actual birthday. Your outfit cracks me up. We couldn't have you crawling around with short sleeves so Daddy suggested we put your babylegs on your arms.
A picture of your crazy hair.

Playing with my pretend glasses.
Came in the living room and this is what I found. =)

At Silver Dollar City for the 1st time. You took this bottle and then fell asleep.

Rocking your stuffed animals.
Silver Dollar City 2010.

You are underneath the coffee table on top of this. You started crying after this picture because you were stuck.

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