Wednesday, June 8, 2011

17 1/2 Months

I'm a bit behind on what Greyson has been up to. We have been super busy playing outside and going to pools. What a life. =)

Gabe's favorite things right now are: playing outside with his sand table, playing in the pool (any pool), trying to eat with a fork, drinking out of a big-boy glass (aka...our glass), Elmo (or Elmie is how he says it), watching the tractor mow the grass on the trail, watching Elmo's World, climbing in and out of his fire truck, eating ice cream, giving hugs, etc.

Throughout the day, he randomly comes up to us and just hugs us. It is so cute. Love it.

The other day, I put him down to bed and I hear "Elmie, Elmie, Elmie." I forgot to put Elmo in bed with him. Since then, Elmo is one of his favorite things. I was up before him this morning and I heard him sit up in bed and just say "elmie....elmie." Adorable just adorable.

Greyson checking out his future wifey.

1st trip to Bass Pro.
Cuddling his duck.
How do babies sleep like this? Butt way up in the air. Crazy!
Playdate fun at our house.
1st real haircut.

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