Friday, June 24, 2011

A Day in the Life

Would it be crazy to say that we have been busy? Our house is a mess, I don't cook, hmm...what do I do? All I do is chase after a crazy, rambunctious toddler. Seriously, I should be way skinny by now.

....a day in the life....

Baby wakes up. 6:45am (7 if I'm lucky).

Banana, milk and cuddles. 7:15am.

Baby runs away before he gets his clothes on for the day. 8am.

....still running

Breakfast 8:30am.

Dressed and at the park. Ready for some water fun. 9:30am.

Back at home. 10:45am. Had lunch (11:30am) and off to nap (12:30pm).

Woke up from nap and wants to cuddle with his Elmie. 2:20pm

Going outside for some fun at the house. 2:30-4.

Getting dressed for the day in regular clothes. 4:30pm.

Outside while dinner is being cooked. 5pm.
Playtime 6-7pm.
BED (YES!) 7:30pm.
Checked in on him at 9pm.

Anyone else tired?

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