Friday, June 29, 2012

30 Months

You weigh 27.2 lbs and are 33 1/2 inches tall. 

You eat three big meals a day and two snacks. You seem to think that you get a snack every time we get in the car. You aren't picky so meal and snack times are rather easy. 

You are sleeping from 7:30pm to 7:00 am. You take a nap from 1:00pm - 2:45pm. 

You are potty trained during the day and have been for about two months. You still wear a diaper (Size 6) at night and during your naps. You don't like to go number two on the toilet but you do. 

You are mostly wearing 2T shirts and 24 month shorts. You wear a size 7 shoe.

It seems like it has been at least six months since you ran a fever, but you finally succumbed a few days ago. It started out just like the ones when you were younger. No symptoms of anything, just fever. You woke up with a 102 temperature and ran that for 24 hrs with tylenol. After the 24 hours, you bounced back. This has been the first time when you were sick that you could talk. It was so sad. You kept telling us that you didn't feel good and wanted to cuddle.

You have said and done some of the cutest things recently. Yesterday, I was teaching you color matching Mexican Train dominos (a Leap Frog game aimed at your age). When I said, "Greyson, you don't have a domino to play...please draw one." You looked at me and put your finger against your hand and started putting it in circles. You said to me, " Like this, Mommy?" I couldn't figure it out. Then it hit me, you were DRAWING on your finger. lol. 

You still say please and thank you. You were in a huge habit of saying "I'd be happy to" when we asked you to do something that you wanted to do. That particular phrasing left for a bit, but I have heard you say it twice in the last few days. I just love hearing that. 

For quite awhile now, you've said "I love you, Mommy/Daddy," after we've told you that we love you. Tonight, you made me cry. You pulled me into a hug with you and Daddy. You looked at me, squeezed me and said " I love you Mommy." That was the first time that you've said it without it being said to you first. 

You have started jumping off the edge of pools and even off Grandma Marcy's diving board. You are so brave and you just love it. 

You've been on two Dallas trips in the last month. You did awesome in the car. An eight hour trip is nothing for you. 

I taught you how to do the crab walk in the pool. I think that might be the highlight of pool time for you   now. You think it is the best thing ever. 

Firefighter books/cars/toys/etc are your favorites. You "put out fires" all the time. You look so cute doing it. You have to put on your fire jacket and mask before the fires can be driven to. =) 

You figured out how to ride a tricycle this month. Daddy came home and he was surprised that you could do it. Daddy had worked on it the previous few days with you. He was so proud. 

You are definitely Daddy's little boy. You love all things electronic. Daddy has games on his iPhone and iPad that you just love to play. Your favorites right now are this racing game (imagine that) and Cooking for Monsters. You also love our small little camera. You try to get your hands on it whenever we have it out. We've gotten some really interesting self-portraits of you recently. They crack me up.

You climbed out of the pack n play out at Grandpa's cabin. You then proceeded to turn off your music and walk out the cabin door. Luckily, Daddy was up there and caught you. Since then, you have climbed out of your crib once. We talked to you about how you could fall out and hurt yourself and so far, you haven't tried to climb out again. 

Sometimes, the terrible twos rears their heads at our house. Ok, lots of the time. =) We are still using time-outs and we do spank, but neither one seems to be super effective. We started taking away favorite toys of yours when you bite Daddy or I. They go in "time-out" for the day (in the sun room right in front of the doors where you have to look at it all day long from your playroom). It seems to work, but doesn't necessarily ever stop you. Counting from 1-3 is the best method to get you to do something. 

 Your fire crew in the back.
 Learning how to do the crab walk in Dallas.
 Playing with Preston at Jumpin' Joeys.

 Pretending you guys are monkeys who are going to sleep. 

 My sick baby. 102 fever day. 

 Self portraits - boy do you love the camera.

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  1. loved reading this one! even though we talk ALL the time, I still find out new stuff when I read these and I love it :)