Wednesday, August 29, 2012

32 Months

The other day while driving you asked for a snack. You knew that I had one for you because you saw me pack it. You asked very nicely and I said, "No, I don't think we are going to have a snack right now". Laughing you replied, "You has hilarious, Mommy." lol.

Today, we were with Grandma Dana. As you were telling her goodbye, you patted her face and said "have a good day".

Seriously, some of the things you say crack me up.... and some don't. =)

When Daddy and I get irritated with you and raise our voices, you said "Be patient Mommy (or Daddy)". I love how you don't take inconsideration that you are the reason that we are frustrated.

Happy 32 months!

 Stacking and Organizing - He loved it. Via I Can Teach My Child via Pinterest

 Playing in the basement

 Race car wheel painting - Definitely a hit (via Pinterest)

 1st time at Lamberts (HATED IT!! - SCARED OF FLYING ROLLS)

 Fine Motor Skills (via Learn with Play at Home via Pinterest)

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