Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big Boy Growing Up!

We switched to a big boy bed on Friday night. I have to tell you that I was pretty sentimental about it. I just can't believe he is old enough to move out of the crib!

We've been telling him that once he starts using the potty for number two CONSISTENTLY, then we will move him to the big boy bed. Well, he has been amazingly good at it for a few weeks now. So, here we are.

It has been four nights now and he understands that he is not allowed up. We haven't had any problems. He loves it!

We moved his crib to the guest bedroom and converted it a full-size frame. We had originally been thinking that we would move it back to Greyson's room after he outgrows the firetruck bed. I think we will probably change our minds on that one. Once we got the bed set up we realized that it was like three feet off the ground. It is seriously one of those beds that you need a mini ladder to get on. lol.

We are in no hurry to decide right now. The fire truck bed will last at least another year. He'll get to enjoy it for awhile yet. Doesn't he look happy?

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