Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brush Your Teeth

Greyson says some funny things. We remember some of them and forget others. Lately, one of the funniest (in my opinion - probably not Luke's) goes like this...

Greyson: Climbs in to our bed and goes to Luke for a cuddle. As he cuddles with Luke, he sniffs and pushes Luke away. Then he says, "Daddy, you NEED to brush your teeth." 

Seriously, it's hilarious (to me). lol. This morning (Valentines Day), Greyson goes to give Luke a hug and tell him Happy Valentines Day. While he is hugging him, he says " Daddy, brush your teeth!".

Just a little funny thing...

**On another note, we now have a swimmer. Greyson officially swam three feet by himself without any floatation devices. Fun stuff. =)

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