Monday, March 11, 2013

At sickness!

Greyson has had a pretty terrible last month and a half.

It goes like this:
Week 1 and 2: Flu hit hard. Fever. Runny nose (ALL DAY LONG), body aches and sore throat.
Week 3: Scary medical issue (call to Urgent Care and follow-up with Dr.) requiring him to be on stool softeners for 8 weeks.
Week 4: He fell up the stairs and had to be taken to Urgent Care to get stitches.
Week 5: Woke up on Monday (day to get stitches removed) with 102 fever. Ran fever for two days. On the third day, threw up (and peed pants at same time) all over kitchen table and floor.

I think we might be back to normal. 

 We squeezed in a "date night". He wanted pizza so we headed to Sam's. 
 Daddy dressed him...?
 Dinner at Blu Sesame.

Building a car at Home Depot.

** So, a funny thing about the stitches. Greyson did great through most of it. He was such a trooper on the way to Urgent Care. Did awesome while we waited 2 1/2 hours to get them in. Let the Dr. look at them, but when the Dr. went to numb them it went downhill from there. They didn't get numb the first try, so the Dr. had to shoot medicine in to the actual open wound. IT WENT DOWNHILL FAST! Greyson was screaming while three of us were holding him down. It broke my heart. He cried and screamed throughout the whole process. He only got two stitches and the Dr. felt bad for how bad those two looked. When you have a kid doing everything in his power to get out of being held down, you just get what you get. I think the nurse got kicked in the face. By the end of it, Greyson was dripping in sweat (seriously - it looked like he just got out of the bath) and he had a sprinkle of dots outside of his eyes. We asked about this and the Dr. said this happens when kids hold their breath.

This is the funny part....

Luke went to get the car. I'm holding Greyson as we are walking out and he hugs me and says, "Mommy, I did pretty good in there, didn't I?"

I bust out laughing (like hard). I told him he did do pretty good, but inside I am just dying laughing. I mean, we just walked out of the room where he had been screaming and crying for the last 15 min. =)

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