Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Past the 3rd month

I can't believe Greyson is already over 3 months. Its crazy how fast the last few weeks have gone. I took the one month picture in front of the elephant because I thought it was funny how small he was compared to it. Later that month, Luke and I were filling out his baby book and noticed that there are spots on each month for a photo. We decided to take the same picture every month to see his growth. They aren't the greatest pictures or anything, but I like them. **The underline function is switched on and I can't figure out how to switch it off.**

One Month
I had completely forgotten that he had a blocked tear duct until I was looking at this picture.

Two Months
Look at his hernia. Poor Baby.

Three Months
First thing is that his hernia is almost completely gone. Second thing is that compared to the other pictures he looks a little chunky. (Ha! Don't look up close on the letters. I can't find the picture that Luke edited so I had to use this one. We didn't have 2 E's, so we had to use a P. Luke fixed the picture to show the 2nd E, but I'm not sure where it is).


  1. he does look quite chunky! i'm glad, though. fat babies are the cutest!

  2. Are you saying my baby wasn't cute when he was born?

  3. I love these pictures! I can't believe how much he has grown! Oh, I miss the little guy! And his momma too!

  4. he was beautiful when he was born. i just want him to fatten up. geesh!