Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Bargain Shopping

Before I started my spring cleaning, I really should have thought about what I wanted to accomplish and the timeframe. I don’t think I realized that most people do spring cleaning on an already clean house. For them, this is the time to go through every nook and cranny. I wish I would have thought about that on Sunday. I started my spring cleaning on my dirty bedroom and now I have an even bigger mess. On the bright side, I have quite a few things to add to the garage sale (thanks Stacey for inviting me to put my junk in it). I filled a few Walmart bags with stuff to donate to the Salvation Army (yeah, tax credits for this year!). Overall though, I have a lot of work today. =(

I’ve still been bargain shopping for groceries and diapers. I find it fun to get really good deals on stuff. One of my newest things is rebate forms. I had one for Staples printer paper and will end up getting it free when the check comes in the mail. I’m off to do my weekly bargain shopping at Dillions today and I’m going to be able to get three boxes of Ziplock bags for free with a rebate form as well. Free is always the best way to go.

Here was my shopping trip picture from last week. I spent $1.78!

Luke made Leilani's sausage gravy on Sunday. I think we will be having it a few more times in the next few weeks as well. We need to use up all the biscuits that I got. LOL. Also on my list to make is Grandma's oreo cookies.


  1. It's super cool that you can get all that stuff for so cheap! I might have to learn this from you guys! Miss you!

  2. so will he make gravy when i come up to stay with you in june?

    can't wait to see you guys next weekend. tell Luke i will try to leave at least one turkey in the woods for him. lol!