Monday, April 5, 2010

A Week In Pictures

I thought I would post a few random pictures that we took this week.

I bought this hat last year after we found out we were pregnant. I got it for $.99. Not only was the hat too small, but he hated it. LOL

Greyson made a new friend this week. I put the dinosaur in his arms and he kept "kissing" (licking) it. We thought it was adorable.

I wanted to get a picture in his new shirt (made by Great Grandma), but he wasn't happy about it.

I swear these two will drive me nuts. This is not a posed picture. Luke did tell me that Greyson wouldn't go to sleep on him like this the other day, because he was enthralled by the game Daddy was playing.

Posing in a cute outfit that finally fits.


  1. AWWWWWW!!!!! My favorites are him kissing the dinosaur and the one of him laying on Luke. Too cute!

  2. did you move the furniture around in the living room? it looks different.

  3. It's already moved around again since then.

    Just for the record, I only play games while he's sleeping and not when he's awake. He likes the extra warmth from my lap.

  4. LOVE the pic of Greyson and Luke!!! Glad he's starting to fit into some of his clothes!