Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh Happy Winter Day!

Greyson's first snow angel.
(Click pictures to view Greyson's face)

We had a great weekend with Greyson. It snowed 8-10 inches at our house last Wednesday night. Thursday night, we put Greyson's bunting outfit on him and took him out in the snow. We set him on the driveway and he just sat there. We then helped him make a snow angel. We wasn't sure what to think of the whole thing. Friday night, it snowed some more. On Saturday, we decided to go find Greyson a sled. Walmart was out of them, so Luke tried Toys R Us. We were in luck. He got a toddler sled that has a seat belt. I wasn't sure what Greyson would think of sledding. He loved it. He loved going downhill, loved going uphill, loved sitting in the sled, etc. It was so cute. I think it ranks #1 in the best thing we have all done together.

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  1. I love these pics! He looks so happy and that tiny showangel is adorable!