Sunday, February 20, 2011


Do you want to peek at what I've been up to this week? Don't be jealous once you do. =)

I headed to Gerbes after taking Greyson to Little Swimmers. For those of you who don't know, Little Swimmers is Baby-Toddler swimming time at a local indoor pool. The pool has a lazy river, slides, sprinklers and more. He loves it. Anyways, I got a few good deals while I was at Gerbes. Total cost $-2.35. They paid me $2.35 (in cash) to take this stuff home. Crazy? Yes, I think so.

The flowers are going to go on a special project that I'm doing. Stay tuned for more.

The highlight of the post: Brownie Covered Oreos! Can it get any better? These were definitely good. To be honest, I love love love brownies. I am probably alone here, but I think brownies by themselves are one best things ever. So, I liked these, but didn't love them. I think most people would love them.


  1. Yum, Brownie covered oreos look so decadent!

  2. okay~ wish we had a little swimmers down here, how fun!!

    also, brownies are one of the best things on earth, and could only be made better by oreos....